About This Course

Jenkins is a vast, highly efficient automation platform With DevOps and its Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery principles

You will start with the very basis of DevOps and the need for it. You will learn about continuous integration and continuous delivery and the need for them. Learn and understand the Jenkins use cases, features, capabilities, architecture, and terminology of Jenkins..

What You’ll Learn?
  • You will be introduced to tools such as GitHub, Jenkins, Maven, Docker and learn how to integrate these tools to run a project in the real world.
  • You start with setting up Jenkins, configuring Maven and Git, Tomcat server, integrating GitHub, Maven, Tomcat server with Jenkins, creating a CI and CD job, and testing the deployment.
  • We will cover deploying artifacts on a Docker container
  • Set up Docker environment, write Dockerfile, create an image and container on Docker host, integrate Docker host with Jenkins, and create CI/CD job on Jenkins to build and deploy on a container.

Key Highlights

  • Course Syllabus Designed for Working Professionals
  • Personalized feedback and career guidance
  • Self Paced – 100% Online Learning
  • Career Guidance
  • Resume & CV sessions
  • Interview Preparation

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Installing Jenkins
  • Create a first basic Job in Jenkins

  • Git with Jenkins
  • Jenkins Plugins
  • Pull Code from GitHub - Introduction
  • Pull Code from GitHub - Handson

  • Maven with Jenkins Introduction
  • Maven Installation
  • Integrate Maven with Jenkins
  • Jenkins - Source Code Build Process - Introduction
  • Jenkins - Source Code Build Process - Handson

  • Jenkins Tomcat - Introduction
  • Jenkins Tomcat - Installation
  • Integrate Tomcat with Jenkins
  • Integrate Tomcat - Deploy Code - Handson
  • Automate Build and Deploy - Introduction
  • Automate Build and Deploy - Handson

  • Docker - Deploy on a Container - Introduction
  • Docker with Jenkins - Installation
  • Docker - Deploy on a Container - Handson
  • Create Docker Containar - Introduction
  • Jenkins - Docker Pull Tomcat Container
  • Create tomcat Container using Dockerfile - Introduction
  • Create tomcat Container using Dockerfile - Handson
  • Integrate Docker with Jenkins
  • Create a dockeradmin user
  • Install Publish Over SSH Plugin
  • Add Dockerhost to Jenkins - configure systems
  • Dockerfile - Build Image (Deploy to Conatainar) - Introduction
  • Dockerfile - Build Image (Deploy to Conatainar) - Handson


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Course Includes:

  • book iconLessons: 31
  • Hours: 07
  • Language: Tamil
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Resource Access: Source Code


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